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Running a drama group is a costly enterprise, especially when your company only comes together once a year! Unlike most drama groups RST finds itself in the unenviable position of needing to hire fencing, chairs, storage facilities and changing facilities for the actors as well as all the standard costs of rehearsal room and performance space hire. And because we perform outdoors, we are also somewhat reliant on good weather (or the willingness of our audiences to withstand the occasional burst of rain and the ever present mosquitoes) to ensure we sell enough tickets to cover our costs.

Despite the challenges, we keep going each year because we know that our audiences look forward to seeing us and our actors enjoy performing for them.
By setting up a 'Friends' scheme, we are able to offer extra value to our long term supporters, as well as bringing in valuable additional funding to the group.

For just £5 a yearmembers are kept informed about all the latest group news (including audition dates, details of our productions and any forthcoming fundraising activity) and receive a £2 discount on the price of their individual ticket for that year's production (we stage productions in the last two weeks of June each year).

Sign up to the scheme now and help us continue to delight audiences with our productions of Shakespeare's work. If you are on 
Facebook or on Twitter, you can also follow us there.
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Romford Summer Theatre recognise the invaluable support of our colleagues from across the various drama groups in Havering and the surrounding areas and are proud to be members of Havering Arts Council

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